4 Tips for Looking for a Psychotherapy Office in NYC

So you’re looking for a psychotherapy office. That’s an exciting step! Unlike apartment hunting in NYC, there is no need to work with a broker. Just use mytherapyofficespace.com to easily search for your office.

Tips for looking for a psychotherapy office in NYC: 

Location. Location. Location. Definitely think about your convenience. Can you walk? If not, how long will your commute be? Will it be convenient for your current patients or the types of patients you want to work with? For example, if you are interested in working with professionals in finance, you could consider FiDi or Midtown. Also, don’t forget to check the surrounding offerings - Are there good lunch spots? Coffeeshops?


Cost. This is something you should think long and hard about. Your office is a communication to your patients. Are you a high end therapist looking for professional patients? In that case, you should spend more on a space that would appeal to this population. Do you work with children? If so, consider an office that can accommodate playtime on the floor and storage for toys. Keep in mind that office space is one of the only expenses that a therapist has (and rent is tax deductible!). Moreover,  it is the place you will spend many hours a week. Take time to find the right space within your budget. If it’s the perfect office but a bit too high in cost, negotiate! Most full-time offices range between $1200-$3500/month. Part-time offices range from $200-$650/weekday. Most leaseholders or landlords will ask for first months rent and security deposit when signing a lease. It is typical for a 3%-5% rent increase per year. If you are unsure about a lease, consult a lawyer.

Amenities. What to ask:

Is there individual temperature control? How does the heat and cooling work? Does it work!?

When can I access my office? Does the building lock? Is there 24/7 access to the office?

Does the building have a doorman? Do patients need to sign in?

How does the intercom system work?

What means of transportation are close by?

Where are the bathrooms and what do they look like?

Do I or my patients need a key to use the bathrooms? 

Is there a cleaning service? Is it included in the rent?

Is there WiFi? Is it included in the rent? Is it reliable for video sessions? If WiFi is not included, how do most tenants access WiFi?

How are the landlord(s) (ask current tenants!)? 

Is the suite soundproofed? What is included to ensure confidentiality, privacy, and quiet in the suite?

Is there a kitchenette (sink, microwave, and refrigerator)? Keurig? Water-cooler? 

How is mail received and sorted?

How is the community at the suite? Are there in-suite referrals?

Is there a group room to rent if needed?

When to start looking? In NYC you should start looking 2-3 months prior to your move date. There are a handful of regular psychology office space builders in NYC. You can contact them ahead of time to ask if they are in the process of building out a new suite. If so, you could snag one up to 6 months in advance! Feel free to contact us at info@mytherapyofficespace.com for contacts.


Good luck with your office space search!